Term and Conditions

1. The unit rates in the proposal are based upon the work being performed during daytime shifts. Monday through Friday. One shift per single safety professional. The rate will be applied for a duration of 12 months from the start date of and shall remain in effect until: 8% increase will be applied to the rate for the remainder of the calendar year and a 5% increase for subsequent years.

2. If overtime weekend and /or holiday work is required, the following rates will apply: Monday-Friday: 1.5 times the hourly rate. Saturday 1.5 times the hourly rate. Sunday’s 2.0 times the hourly rate. (designated holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

3. All services are to be requested by client 48 hours in advance when practical.

4. MAC SAFETY NYC Inc.is guaranteed a 40-hour minimum work week for all safety personnel invoiced to the client.

5. The rates used in this proposal are valid for 30 days unless a signed contact is received. SSM rates are subject to change if the first of active work days not beginning within 90 days of proposal/contract date.

6. Free and clear access to the work must be provided to MAC SAFETY NYC INC. personnel by the client.

7. If work is canceled the day of, due to weather of client request and eight (8) hour minimum shall be invoiced to client.

8. Reimbursement expenses shall include transportation and per diem expenses for out of town work, long distance communication, special delivery service, or unusual reproduction expenses, travel expenses for audit inspections perform outside of N.Y.C.’s gird (5) boroughs will be at the expense of the client and will; be at the discretion of MAC SAFETY NYC INC. Expenses may include but tart not limited to gas tolls.], and mileage reimbursement.

9. A signed contact for the site safety management must be received MAC SAFETY NYC INC. prior to the commencement of any work. No plan, program or training card will be released until full payment received (defines as, certified bank check, postal money order, credit card, or a business check has cleared our financial institution.

10. MAC SAFETY NYC Inc. reserves the right to adjust the rates quoted herein if the agreement is not approved and returned with 30 days of receipt of same.

11. Any suit brought to collect fee due under this agreement, the customer agrees to pay all MAC SAFETY NYC INC. collection costs: including attorney’s fees.

12. Management time will be billed at $200.00 per hour for attendance at job site meetings if requested by the client.

13. All account balances over 90 days are subject to collections and/or liens. Clients will be responsible for a collection fee of 25% of the outstanding balance, and any accrued finance change.