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Frequently Asked Questions

Perform safety inspections, safety assessments, safety audits. Conduct site safety orientation. Compile daily, weekly, monthly reports. Ensure compliance for the safety of site workers and the general public.
A site safety manager or site safety coordinator must be designated and present [on] at the construction or demolition of a major [buildings as defined by NYC DOB and] building in accordance with Section 3310 of Chapter 33 or as deemed by the Commissioner.
A site safety manager is required to be on site until the entire exterior of the building is complete. Starting with the roof, then the façade must be 100% completed and lastly the removal of the sidewalk shed with no hazards to the public and neighboring properties.
A registered Concrete Safety Manager is required on major building construction projects that involve the placement of 2,000 cubic yards or more of concrete.
To ensure all safety procedures are being monitored and complied with in accordance with the Department of Buildings and the FDNY codes and rules. Monitor hoisting operations in a safe manner. Also maintain a Concrete Safety Log Book which activity shall be conducted in coordination with the site safety manager or coordinator.
The S-56 Certificate of Fitness is required where a Site Safety Manager or Site Safety Coordinator is required by the Building Code for a construction site. A site Safety Manager can perform the duties of a Construction Site Fire Safety Manager providing he holds a certificate of fitness from the FDNY. The certification for this duty is a S59 CSFSM. It is required that once the building reaches a height of 200 feet from its lowest elevation (cellar and/or sub cellar).
The Construction Site Fire Safety Manager (CSFSM) shall conduct an inspection of the construction site and all fire safety measures on at least a daily basis, and maintain a record when construction, demolition and alteration work is being conducted. Who will report their findings to the Site Safety Manager and must also preform daily test on the Standpipe System along with maintaining a record or log.
Qualified Safety Person for Site Safety (QSP) who will routinely perform safety inspections, audits, and assessments.
A QSP Qualified Safety Person is placed on site by the owner and/or the controlling contractor when critical work with a high hazard task is taking place as an extra precaution.